Collective Solos

In I I I  the choreographers Jenny Beyer, Chris Leuenberger and Anja Müller pursue their wish to work collectively on solos. They are especially interested in the idea of three different choreographic styles and personalities coming together in one body. Together, side by side and for one another, they have developed appearances that question the idea of authorship. Working as a trio they create a common stage where subtle shifts and perceived contrasts are explored. All three of them are principal performers in secondary roles, an ensemble of bold loners and at the same time a corps de ballet of complementary colors.

In collaboration with Anja Müller and Chris Leuenberger

"With a sense of humor and vitality, the trio showcases its accurately composed kaleidoscope of choreographic references and personal expression and style.(…) The subtle yet always present physicality of the three dancers – from their eye position to the smallest gesture – shows us that three are stronger than one.”

Klaus Witzeling, Tanz – Zeitschrift für Ballett, Tanz und Performance, August/September 2010



Jenny Beyer
Chris Leuenberger
Anja Müller 




Adelaida Cue Bär 


Sofie Thyssen 


Nik Haffner 


Sabine Jud 


Rosa Wernecke


07 APRIL 2020 at Kampnagel Hamburg

Further Performances : 9 -  16 April, Kampnagel Hamburg
 1 -2 May 2010, Hetveem Theater Amsterdam
 7-8 August 2010, 8tension Impulstanz Wien
20-21 August Sophiensäle Berlin and June 2011 Dampfzentrale, Bern

I I I is a production by Jenny Beyer with Kampnagel Hamburg and the Veem House for Performance in Amsterdam. Funded by the Hamburg Department of Culture, Sports and Media and the Hamburg Cultural Foundation. With kind support from K3-Zentrum für Choreographie/Tanzplan Hamburg
Photos: Bo Lahola, Rosa Wernecke
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