How to encounter an image?

To absorb an image and apprehend it – this is how one might term the challenge presented to the viewers that are cordially invited to enter Jenny Beyer's auditorium. ALL addresses two art periods – the baroque period and contemporary press photography - and uses them to debate the possibility of representing our world. Wave machines, planets, floating clouds – in the baroque Theatrum Mundi, everything that exists appears before the viewer’s eyes, and not just the world gets whirled up, but the art does too. Using this sense of uncertainty, coupled with a sense of being overwhelmed, ALL sets off on a search for new means of speculation, asking what a contemporary theater of the world might look like. By generating its choreographic material through the process of looking at an image, ALL takes on the question that has been asked since Plato– What is an image and what purpose does it serve? However, the focus of this choreographic work is not on the question of what an image is but rather, how do we approach it?

“The choreographer cites stylistic elements of baroque painting in the aesthetics, composition and pathos of this piece. She relies on reduction, encouraging the viewer to experience and augment the images through the unmediated contact to the performers – unlike the sensationalized press photos. That is the real surprise coup that Beyer achieves here.”

Klaus Witzeling, Hamburger Abendblatt, April 19, 2013 



Jenny Beyer 


Antoine Effroy
Sayaka Kaiwa
Matthew Rogers
Nina Wollny 


Sofie Thyssen 




Gesa Troch 


Anne Kersting
Igor Dobricic 


Sabine Jud 


Solveigh Palett


17 April 2013 at Kampnagel Hamburg

Further Performances: 18 - 21 April at Kampnagel Hamburg

All is a production by Jenny Beyer and Kampnagel with support from Sweet & Tender for the end of the world, Bern 2012. Funded by the Hamburg Department of Culture, the Hamburg Cultural Foundation and the Fonds Darstellende Künste
Fotos: Simone Scardovelli
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