Sayaka and Jenny are walking through the desert. They are very thirsty. Jenny kills Sayaka, then she turns into Sayaka’s dog.

In Tableau Doublé two dancers alter the old parlor game of tableau vivants, in which images are recreated by real people to then be interpreted by the viewers. The multitude of copyable images and the increase of the repertoire by photographs and film sequences enable the dancers to create new images employing only minor bodily changes, thereby prolonging the moment of recognition.


"With a soft touch and gentle irony, the Hamburg-based choreographer forces her audience to concentrate, to enter into a dialog with her subtle body images that she casually throws out, poses, brushes into the room. (…) Beyer challenges time and tries our patience amidst the permanent bombardment of colorful pictures so that we may learn to see again, to really look at something. This crystal-clear example of conceptual work committed to the visual arts is based on great dance talent that is never overtly touted – its mysterious fascination stems from the dancers’ consistent restraint."

Klaus Witzeling, Jahrbuch Tanz, 2008


Concept/ Choreography

Jenny Beyer 


Sayaka Kaiwa
Jenny Beyer 




Anna Wuebber 


Nik Haffner
Marcus Droß
Ben Pointeker 


Johann Popp


 3 December 2007, K3|Tanzplan Hamburg

further Performances May 2008, Festival da Fabrica, Porto/Portugal


Tableau Doublé is a production by Jenny Beyer and K3|Tanzplan Hamburg, funded by the Federal Cultural Foundation and the Hamburg Department of Culture in cooperation with Kampnagel Hamburg, supported by the European Union’s Culture 2000 Programme within the framework of Enhanced danceWEB Europe, the Hamburg Cultural Foundation and the Alfred Toepfler Foundation.
Fotos: Thies Rätzke
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