Bodily Transformations

The skin is the material and symbolic border between an individual’s inside and the outside. But how permeable is this seemingly homogenous surface, and up to what point is it familiar to us? With their duet HAUT (skin), Jenny Beyer and Chris Leuenberger get in line with the visual arts tradition – where the depiction of skin has always been a subject of visual reflection - transforming their observations about its ambiguity and complexity into movement. Playing with corporality, disguises, set design and make-up, HAUT challenges what is supposed to be authentic and pure. The body as a homogenous, familiar place dissolves: What is this body, what does it portray, how do we perceive it and what potential for transformation does it hold?

In Collaboration with Chris Leuenberger

“The one animal has turned into two humans. Their bodies are packed into thin nylon suits – an image that moves us. (…) And this is in no way gimmicky or sensational but just plain beautiful.”

Elisabeth Burchhardt, Hamburg radio station NDR 90,3, May 3, 2012


Concept/ Choreography/ Dance

Jenny Beyer
Chris Leuenberger 

Make-Up Artist

Ioana Rölley 


Adelaida Cue Bär 


Angela Anzi 




Sofie Thyssen 


Igor Dobricic
Anne Kersting 

Body Mind Centering Coach

Frederic Giess 


Rosa Wernecke 


Sabine Jud



3 May 2012 at Kampnagel Hamburg

Further Performances: 4 - 11 May 2012 at  Kampnagel Hamburg und
29 and 30 June at Dampfzentrale Bern


HAUT is a production by Jenny Beyer, Chris Leuenberger Productions and Kampnagel. Funded by the Hamburg Department for Culture and Media, the Fonds Darstellende Künste, the city of Bern and SWISSLOS/Kultur Kanton Bern.
Photos: Simone Scardovelli, Ole Müller
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