Sensing, Destroying and Recomposing

Three-quarter time is inherently imbalanced. Restless, the waltz is forever pointing beyond itself, forcing movement and never returning to the starting point. By the third beat, everything seems to be open again. Waltz is a collaboration between Jenny Beyer and sound artist Jassem Hindi. Both had a residency at the Weimar Arts Festival, after which they decided to continue with their joint project, using the waltz as their formal and contextual tool, as their collaboration material and background noise. The result is five performers who gather in a ballroom, probing, destroying and recomposing images, memories, meanings and conventions – everything waltz!

In collaboration with Jassem Hindi

“In Beyer’s choreographies, bodies gradually lose their gracefulness, harmony and naturalness. There is no room for the waltz anymore in the modern-day world. Beyer looks back without anger, demonstrating the deformation of beauty and the alienation from the body in her compelling, stringent choreography.”

Klaus Witzeling, Kieler Nachrichten, April 14, 2011



Jenny Beyer
Jassem Hindi 


Dani Brown
Jenny Beyer
Jassem Hindi
Marko Milic
Rani Nair
Rosa Wernecke 


Adelaida Cue Bär 


Anne Kersting 


Rosa Wernecke 


Sofie Thyssen 


Sabine Jud



08 APRIL 2011 at Kampnagel Hamburg

Further Performances: 09.04. bis 16.04.2011 K2, Kampnagel Hamburg

Walz'r is a production by Jenny Beyer and Kampnagel. Funded by the Hamburg Department for Culture and Media and the Fonds Darstellende Künste. Supported by the TanzMedienAkademie of the Weimar Arts Festival 2009, K3-Zentrum für Choreographie/Tanzplan Hamburg and Sweet & Tender Collaborations.
Photos: Ole Müller
OPEN STUDIOCollaboration